A house extension is a cost-effective way of enhancing your lifestyle and increasing the value of your property.

New contemporary designs of house extensions turn new rooms whether it’s a kitchen, a dining room, a sitting room or a home study into very friendly living environments.

We can help you create your dream of extra space for all the family to enjoy.

There is always room for improvement in your home.If you need to increase living space, have you considered an extension?
A new living space will enhance your home and will add value to your standardof living where you can enjoy stress free living in an energy efficient environment.


•Energy efficient house extensions are more comfortable and durable•House extension is the most popular home improvements
•Great return on investment
•Not only add extra space but add value to your house
•Do not need to move out of your home
•Make your house as beautiful as you want
•Opportunity to customize your home to match your currentand future requirements
• Increased energy efficiency

“Knowledge is knowledge whether it teaches you construction or destruction.”

Valerie Coleman, Dunboyne, Meath

I would recommend him to a friend 🙂

NewSpace Ltd. was very pleasant to work with. He came did his job and left. No bother or hassle. - Valerie Coleman, Dunboyne, Meath

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