Velux CK02 55X78 – Pine Finish


Velux GGL Pine window for tiled and slate roof applications.

Welcome to the VELUX Centre-Pivot Roof Windows. Providing functionality to your room, these roof windows are available in both pine and white finish. It is a perfect solution for your bathroom and kitchen. They windows do not have any visible joint ensuring a moisture resistant finish. On the other hand, Lacquered Natural Pine (GGL) windows are perfect for traditional interiors. Made from high quality natural pine, the protective triple coat clear lacquer preserves the timber of this centre pivot roof window.

VELUX has gone a step forward to bring a change in the modern technology. Its products and services make your home technologically efficient and also enhance its interiors. The centre-pivot roof windows are developed on the main three elements- more daylight, more comfort and more energy efficiency. The key features of Centre-Pivot Roof Windows GGL are-

The insulation material is 100% recyclable and hence increases the insulating value.

  1. The VELUX ThermoTechnology features high performance with improved and balanced energy.
  2. Provides up to 18% more daylight.
  3. It has a simple red and blue line that marks the installation of brackets. The same bracket is used for both recessed and standard installations.
  4. Click-on covers reduces the number of screws required during installation that makes the installation easier, faster and safer.
  5. The VELUX pivot roof windows include high quality pivot hinges. These are designed to be highly stable and maintenance free.
  6. It is also installed with the brushed aluminum ventilation flap. It helps to let in fresh air in your room without opening the window.
  7. It is pre-installed with Pick & Click brackets. It makes the installation of blinds an easy and safe task.
  8. These pivot roof windows are suitable for roof pitches between 15° and 90°.

Moreover, upgrading these roof windows to VELUX INTEGRA unfolds electric or solar powered options. These windows can be operated electrically through a Controller Pad that is suitable only for VELUX range of products. These centre pivot roof windows also feature pre-installed rain sensors. The window automatically closes in the event of rain.

They are available with various glazing options according to the needs and requirements. To know more about the centre-pivot roof windows and various glazing options available, visit its online store and select the most suitable option.


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