Transform Your Garden Space into a Home Cinema Room in Dublin 15

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Transform Your Garden Space into a Home Cinema Room in Dublin 15

We are thrilled to introduce our latest project: converting a garden space into a breathtaking Home Cinema room in Dublin 15. This new addition is designed to offer the ultimate relaxation and entertainment experience.

**Key Features of the Home Cinema Room:**

1. **Dolby Digital Sound “Atmos” Setup**: Equipped with an 11.1.2 speaker setup, it delivers an immersive audio experience.
2. **Acoustic Solutions**: Special acoustic resistance materials are incorporated into the floors and walls to enhance sound transmission resistance. The speakers are fitted with soundproof acoustic wool products.
3. **Visual Excellence**: Enjoy extraordinary sound performance paired with very high-quality 4K picture.
4. **Consultation and Collaboration**: NewSpace Building Services Ltd collaborated with AM Acoustic Ltd from Bray to achieve the best sound results.
5. **Certified Quality**: We used high-standard building and acoustic materials with EU & Irish Building certification.
6. **Velux Windows**: Installed with solar blackout blinds to enhance comfort and style.
7. **Certificate of Compliance**: Issued by NewSpace Building Services Ltd, ensuring top-quality work.

Discover more about this project and our services on our website: [www.newspace.ie](https://www.newspace.ie)

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Special acoustic resistance materials being installed in the walls and floors of the Home Cinema room
High-quality 4K screen in the Home Cinema room, showcasing crystal-clear visual performance

Our Latest Project: Transforming a Garden Space into a Stunning Home Cinema Room

Certified EU & Irish building and acoustic materials used in the construction of the Home Cinema room
Certificate of Compliance from NewSpace Building Services Ltd, ensuring top-quality work on the Home Cinema room
Engineers from NewSpace Building Services Ltd and AM Acoustic Ltd collaborating on sound optimization